Maps, Vietnam National University of Agriculture
WC 105 104 103 106 Agronomy Building Layout of the 1st floor 0 5 m Copyight 2016, N.D. Binh, Học viện Nông nghiệp Việt Nam Developed using AutoCAD, ArcGIS & Corel Painshop Pro Meeting room (Cereal Crops) Dept. of Cereal Crops Dept. of Cereal Crops 101 Meeting Room, Dept. of Cereal Crops 1 0 2 Dept. of Botany 104 Meeting Room, Dept. of Botany 105 to the main adiministration bldg. and other Faculties/Units Pratice Room, Dept. of Cereal Crops 103 Practice room (Creal Crops) Meeting room (Botany dept.) 102 Dept. of Botany 101 Practice room (Botany Dept.) WC 108 109 110 107 Practice room (Insects Dept.) Dept. of Insects Practice room (Insects Dept.) 111 Dept. of Tropical Crop Deseases 112 Youth Orgnisation Biocontrol Department of Botany 106 Office of the Youth Organisation - Department of Insects 107 Practice Room, Dept. of Insects 108 - 109 Department of Crop Deseases - Exxhibition Area
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